Frame Left“I’ve been using head scarves and bonnets forever! However, they slip off my head in the middle of the night and also make me sweat. They don’t breathe. However,… what you sent me was heaven sent. It didn’t slip off and it didn’t make me sweat! I toss and turn a lot throughout the night. My braids are intact and it fits my big head perfectly! I can’t rave enough about it or thank you enough for this gift. The 18 inch is perfect for my long braids and the shorter one I’ll use for my regular hair! Everyone should get one of these and throw out anything they’ve been using. Thank you sooooo much Tess!!!”


Frame Left“I like it because it’s closed at the end and my hair doesn’t rub against my back. People always want to touch my hair and I don’t like that. It keeps them from touching it. Also, when I sleep. my hair is not in my way, it doesn’t get under my arms. I don’t want it to get wet. When I work there’s no hair in the food. It’s very comfortable. It’s very durable. It’s held up really good. It holds up. The neoprene cap is good for the winter. Using the neoprene cap this winter as a hat it kept my head very warm.”

Mychael, professional cook describing Egghead Soques®

“I wanted to share a quick story with you, I have been volunteering at a pool that specializes in creating a safe aquatic atmosphere for mentally or physically challenged kids and adults. Two weeks ago a young girl name Enya, came to the pool with a group home for the first time and she asked to borrow a swim cap. I loaned her mine, but since my brain surgery my hair isn’t that long and with her think braids she had a hard time making it work, so I took one of yours last Friday and gave it two her. You would of thought it was Christmas morning when she easily slid it on and danced into the pool. Thanks again for changing people’s lives.”

Angela, Turn the Tide on Cancer – Water Aerobics Benefit

“We found you on the web. Google search. We will certainly be sharing with others. I’m guessing it is a new concept for many others in our area, as it was for me. Thanks for solving a long-standing problem with a great product and excellent customer service! We will be quick to recommend you.”


“Just wanted to thank you – my friend loves her new swim cap and has already put it to the test and it worked beautifully!!
All the best and lots of success.


Frame Left“It’s always cold in here. They washed my hair today but we don’t have hair dryers. I was afraid of getting sick so I put my Egghead Soque on and it kept my head very warm.”

Audrey Thomas, Nursing Home Resident