Unique Caps for Locs, Braids, & Thick Hair

  • Swim SoqueThe swim soque is longer than traditional swim caps. It is designed to allow hair...

    EGGhead Soque
    Swim Soque
  • About UsThe idea of Egghead soques™ came out of a personal need...

    About Us
    About Us
  • Cap MaterialThere are four materials (silicone, latex, lycra, and neoprene) used to make swim caps...

    Cap Material
    Cap Material

The Soque

Swimmers with really long hair can put their hair into a bun on top of their head, to keep the hair dry and secure inside the swim cap. If the wearer has very long or thick hair, the “bun method” may not work, as the swim cap will fit ... Learn more about THE SOQUE

Cap Materials

Silicone, lycra, and neoprene offer an alternative for individuals who are allergic to latex. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber often used in aquatic gear. It is very good at insulating but also breathable. It is sun/ozone/weather resistant ... Cap material DETAILS

About Us

The idea of the swim soque came out of a personal need. A proper fitting swim cap became an issue while taking aquatic swim classes for two years. My hair is naturally kinky and styled in dreadlocks. The traditional cap became ... More about OUR HISTORY

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